Alice's Adeventures in Wonderland - Illustrated by Nancy Wiley

Nancy Wiley

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What if inanimate objects could think, speak and dream just like the rest of us? Cross the threshold where dreams meet reality, transcend any concept of "normal" you carry with you and whisk your imagination away to the magical and lively Wiley-filled wonderland in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. 

Nancy Wiley, longtime artist and shop owner of all things spectacular, has for many years excelled at her craft in the inventive immersion of doll making. She expertly paints and sculpts these characters to life, ushering them to 3-dimensional representations of famous persons and ancient and traditional storytellers. She combines these passions of doll making and fairytales in an exceptional and seamless manner, and has now lent her unique vision to illustrate one of the world's most captivating tales ever told: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. 

In 1865, Reverend Charles Dodgson imagined a world where a young girl names Alice travels to an unusual place called Wonderland. As he drifts further into the idea of wonderland and further along the water- he realizes he "sent his heroine straight down a rabbit hole without the least idea what was to happen next.” She had to be “ready to accept the wildest impossibilities with all that utter trust that only dreamers know; .. and ... wildly curious.”

Embark on this curious adventure where fiction has melded into fact and reality has spun "upside down and sideways." Open the door with the golden key and explore the space in between a dream, where nothing is ever like you've seen. Unexpected places and unfamiliar faces leave you questioning the notion if you're truly awake or still traveling inside a dream. 

Carroll latched onto this idea that "we often dream without the least suspicion of unreality," imbedding this syncopated idiom into a wonderland space- where you're left with more questions than answers- and you realize nothing you've ever been taught can prepare you for what you're about to witness in this story...

Jump in and get ready to dream!

Eighty-eight pages 9 x 11 ½ tall.   Full color.  Over 100 illustrations

ISBN 978-0-615-29492-6

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