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Cinderella - Illustrated by Nancy Wiley

Nancy Wiley

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Twirl your imagination away to a once upon a time of possibility! Every page in this classic tale sparkles with the magical quality that Cinderella, or The Little Glass Slipper beholds.

Cinderella dazzles the hearts and minds of the ageless child within each of us and teaches us the un-foreseen rewards that grow out of continued patience and kindness. Watch what becomes of a not-so-ordinary pumpkin, and how Cinderella’s deepest wishes come true right before her very eyes! 

Charles Perrault, 17th Century French author, is the founding figure behind what we now call “fairy tales,” and has produced some of the most popular stories to date such as Sleeping Beauty, Puss In Boots and The Little Red Riding Hood (Also illustrated by Nancy Wiley). 

Nancy Wiley’s 20 plus years of dollmaking, mixed with her love for fairy tales has led to this mystical explosion that comes to life with every flip of the page.

Wiley’s unique illustrative approach captures the idealistic “cindermaid” and her fantastical journey in a detailed and dreamy fashion like you’ve never before seen. Her blended use of paperclay, figurative sculpting, painting and mixed media pieces make this a one of a kind creative process with images that you will never forget! 

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32 pages - 11" X 9" - Full Color 

ISBN 978-0-615-97038-7