The Dragon and the Knight Pop-Up

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Why stop in one fairy tale, when the you can follow a fierce dragon and brave knight through numerous tales of triumph? This tale was created by Robert Sabuda, famous for his intricate paper designs within the delightful world of Children's literature. 


This original story opens with a brave knight from a village in which the local bakery makes the best marshmallows in the world. The knight is brave and protective of his village and their precious marshmallows, and so, when he encounters a terrifying dragon speeding toward the village he demands that the dragon halt. They get to talking, and the dragon confesses his insecurities about his appearance- he means no harm! His fire breathing has always been a source of destruction, until he discovers the bakery. Ever wonder where the idea of toasted marshmallows came from?

The new friends then hop along to experience many other famous tales, and learn lessons from each along the way.


The Dragon and the Knight pulls the reader through the worlds of Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Aladdin and many other best-loved characters. A few pages in shows our dragon friend holding an inspirational message for the seven dwarves as they gather around the bed where Snow White lies. Not long after, the Dragon and Knight are climbing and flying about Rapunzel's tower- much to her dismay. 

A most fantastic piece of architecture can be found on page two, where the pages of the book magically transform into the home of an evil witch, ready to fatten up Hansel and Gretel for dinner!

Sabuda displays some of his best work in this petite book that artistically combines colorful three dimensional characters with settings to bring the text of the book out at the reader! 


Share the experience of imagination and joy with your child or inner child to create lasting memories. Sure to please all, this captivating book is a great way to pull everyone away from electronics, and to keep them coming back!

Think of your own memories of story time with parents or grandparents. Imagine a book that brings the words off the page, and gets everyone excited for the before-bed story! This tale has something for everyone, adults and children, as the flawless art traverses the many worlds of old fairy tales. 

Each page of this 20 page tale offers a glimpse into the world of magic. After you experience on of our best-selling Pop-Up books by Robert Sabuda, you're sure to want to add more from the collection.

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Book size 8.75"x7.25"x2.5"

ISBN 9781416960812