Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs Pop-Up Book

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Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart bring the prehistoric world of Dinosaurs right into your hands! This exciting fact-filled book utilizes Sabuda's expert paper engineering to make dinosaurs leap off the page! A #1 New York Times Bestseller, this children's book is sure to delight adults and children alike!


Ever seen an ankylosaurus standing in your lap? Do you know how much bigger a sauropod is than an elephant? This big doesn't just tell you, it shows you. Over 35 reptiles from the past will pop-up as you flip.

Page two details dinos that wore "armor," while a spikey, whip-tailed dinosaur clamors out of the book's folds. A few pages later, be on the lookout for a ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex, with a moving jaw and petite arms that grab the reader! 

Each page contains large and intricate artistic 3D models of the prehistoric creatures explored in the text. Pull out tabbed mini pages along with extra pops and pulls make this book a hands-on exploration of the past! 


The fun facts in this book come from every direction. Readers learn about the size and shape of our prehistoric reptile friends. The book explores habitats, feeding styles and important lessons learned from studying dinosaurs. 

Harness a child's curiosity and teach them the value of learning about science and history while having fun in the world of literature and art. 

Although suggested for ages 5-9, the book is sure to captivate young and old audiences. Relish in the chance to read with friends and family to create lasting memories. Step away from the lights of cell phones and computers to bring everyone back to earth, thousands of years in the past!

A part of our best-selling collection of pop-ups, Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs exemplifies the treasured illustration style of Robert Sabuda. 

If you love this, be sure to explore the companion book Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Sharks and other Sea Monsters.


Sabuda and Reinhart both attended the Pratt Institute, and met each other in New York City, where they began to collaborate on many breathtaking works of children's literature. Both men have made a successful career engineering paper art that can unfold and refold countless times to create lasting keepsakes for families.  

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Book size 9.75"x7.75"x2.5"

ISBN 9780763622282