Encyclopedia Prehistorica Sharks and Other Sea Monsters Pop-Up Book

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Sharks and other sea creature of the past and present fill the pages of this work of art, sure to inspire anyone who loves the sea! Explore science, art and fantasy at the same time with this delightful fact and fun-filled book by Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart. 


Much of the world's oceans have been unchartered, but some clues about prehistoric times can be found in remains of the extinct and still living species that swam the earth a very long time ago. 

Ever heard of a plesiosaur, a long-necked sea lizard? Ever had one pop out at you? What about a basilosaurus? They were ancient sea serpents, that actually are ancestors to modern whales! The final page of this book shows you a slithering model of one, complete with a slashing tail and red, beady eyes. 

Dd you know that a pterogotus was basically a 7-foot-long lobster? Page one of this amazing ecyclopedia shows you every nook and cranny of the ancient sea monster, complete with a stacked shell of armor and two menacingly robust claws. 

Sabuda brings prehistoric sea creatures to modern day with expertly designed pop-up illustrations that jump out at the reader!  Check out the standing skeleton of a Kronosaurus or jump away from the open jaws of a megalodon! Then, pull the tabs of the mini-pages open to read incredible facts about these organisms.


Engage marine-biologists-to-be or anyone who appreciates fine art! Reading this book with your children will teach them the importance of all the major fields including literature, art, history and science. Plus, spending that extra family time away from the cell phones and tablets never hurt anyone. 

Great gift for grandchildren, as this book is something all ages can appreciate and enjoy. The intricacy of the art will keep adults involved while the fantastic colors and livelihood of the 3D art will draw children in. Relish in this chance to create lasting family memories and spend time together away from all the screens and chargers- no batteries required for this activity!

Reinhart and Sabuda worked together on several projects, also including this book's companion: Encyclopedia Prehistorica- Dinsosaurs. The two men have had lifelong passions for art, and both attended the Pratt Institute in New York before working together to create these kid-friendly masterpieces. 


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Book size 9.75"x7.75"x2.5"

ISBN 9780763622299