Animal Locomotion Flipbooks - 2 Animals

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Watch the amazing motion of animals in these petite books that capture vintage photos of animal motion!


These vintage toys were bestsellers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and now they're back to delight! In 1868, James Barnes Linnett patented his kineograph - the first of its kind to display a series of images as if they were in motion. Soon after, landscape photographer Eadweard Muybridge figured out how to make his camera take a rapid series of similar images. Thus began the animation of film! Take a trip back into the history of animation with these fun mini-books.


Persistence of vision is a phenomenon in which our eyes and brain retain a visual imprint for about 1/30 of a second. In this time, if we see another image, our brains will blend them together into the smooth illusion of movement! This is the same principle that is used in modern day film and animation. In the flipbook, the pages turn so fast that our eyes perceive each image as a blend and give the illusion of actually seeing the motion in real time! Pretty cool, huh?


The Library of Congress houses a series from Eadweard Muybridge (remember him from above?) and his "Electro-photographic Investigation of the Consecutive Phases of Animal Movements." The images were originally published under the University of Pennsylvania in 1887 and are provided for the books from the Library of Congress.

In Cat Galloping- see every nuanced muscle as a cat bounds forward, throwing front paws back and back paws forward! This book captures the amazing speed at which cats run, and makes you feel like you've got a palm-sized pet for a few seconds!

In Elephant Walking watch the large, mystic creature take slow steps forward. The elephant's tail swishes back and forth as his ears flop with the motion of his body. This amazing photography captured never-before-seen details in animal movement! 

Whichever book you choose, you can't go wrong with this classic toy, it's sure to bring a smile to people of all ages!

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Book Size 4.5"x2"x0.5"