The Little Mermaid Pop-Up Book

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Dive under the sea in Robert Sabuda's 3D illustration of the classic tale of The Little Mermaid. 


Experience this take on the story originally written by Hans Christian Anderson and published in 1837. A young mermaid leaps on her chance to explore the foreign and intriguing world of land and people. After falling in love with a handsome prince, the little mermaid saves him from a sinking ship. The two lovers meet face-to-face for the first time, only furthering the mermaid's desire to ditch her tail for some land legs. Impatience drives her to a sea witch, who promises the mermaid a set of legs- with a catch.

Watch as the little mermaid sacrifices everything for the adventure of a lifetime, and for true love. Find out with her that some things are worth fighting for, but some things are not. 


Robert Sabuda's expert paper engineering takes you down deep into the sea and up high onto the land. You begin the story in a huge and detailed neighborhood of rock, coral and sea creatures, where you can watch dozens of mermaids and mermen swimming in a fabulous dance. Open up the smaller pages in a pocket on page 1 to find more pop-out delights including the little mermaid's grandmother, and her journey above the waves to see the prince. 

The next page brings you aboard the massive ship where the mermaid first sees her love. The ship's mast reaches toward the reader as its sails pull out to catch the wind. Follow the little mermaid's journey all the way to the end to catch the wedding of a lifetime under a sweeping tent that towers nearly 18" off the page. Now that's a celebration!

Sabuda's art began when he was just a child, and grew up with him to create wonderful pop-up books for adults and children! This combination of fun and fine art takes the reader from land to sea to experience the love story of a mermaid and her prince. 


You and your friends and family are sure to delight in this opportunity to create lasting memories, and pull away from electronics to experience the adventure together. All 10 pages of the story are filled with colorful detail and architectural design to captivate the reader's attention.

Teach children the value of art and literature while sharing the time honored tradition of fairy tales. Use The Little Mermaid Pop-up to bring together old and young with an activity that is sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.

The Little Mermaid is only one of the best-selling collection of Sabuda Pop-ups that we have! Be sure complete your collection of fairy tales with his other brilliantly designed books of art. 

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Book size 10.4"x8.25"x2.5"

ISBN 9781416960799