Little Red Riding Hood Book Illustrated by Nancy Wiley cover photo

Little Red Riding Hood - Illustrated By Nancy Wiley

Nancy Wiley

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BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Nancy Wiley's masterfully unique illustrations give a captivating spin to many classic fairy tales. Little Red Riding Hood is now available!

After a successful career of doll making, Wiley moved into the world of fairy tale books, using photographs of her dolls and hand painted back drops to illustrate whimsical favorites! Nancy is excited to share her work with customers of True Lily- be on the look out for more to come soon!

Each book contains images of her one-of-a-kind original dolls, many of which have sold world-wide. Don't miss this opportunity to travel with Red through the enchanted forests written by the Brothers Grimm, with a fresh and exciting take on the characters. 

Journey with Red through the forest to her grandmother's house, where she meets a cunning wolf- determined to make her his next meal. Amidst the colorful and ornate background of cottages and trees stand still photos of Nancy's hand crafted dolls including Red, the wolf, grandma and the huntsman! On each of the 32 pages, marvel at the mixed media detail of each character- hair from braided string, hand sewn clothes and perfectly molded face and hand features.

Don't miss this opportunity to share a true piece of art and classic tale with friends and family. You've never seen Red Riding hood like this before! Imagine the delight of guests who stop to read this book and realize that you've found a truly unique treasure to represent the fairy tale.

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Book size 11.5"x8.5"x0.5"

ISBN 978-0-615-60944-7