Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze - The Sneeze Flipbook

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Be honest- there is something quite charming about watching a sneeze happen from the pages of a book!


There were flipbooks to create animated images! The first ever flipbook-style animation was patented in 1868 by John Barnes Linnett in a product called a kineograph. Not long later, a man names Eadweard Muybridge found a way to make cameras take many similar pictures rapidly- thus allowing for animation of film! Throughout the late 19th century and into the early 20th century, flipbooks were some of the best selling toys because they were amazing. Bring back the vintage fun with this hilarious photographed progression of a sneeze.


The moving images created in flipbooks and two dimensional animation are an illusion created by the persistence of vision phenomenon. This is when your eyes and brain retain visual perceptions for around 1/30 of a second, allowing for visual information taken in shortly after to appear as one smooth blend of images. The same principle applies to today's animation and movies!


A sneeze can propel aerosol droplets at over 100 miles per hour! We've all seen people sneeze, but imagine the delight of using the first camera fast enough to capture such a quick body reflex! The images in this book were originally taken in 1894 to create a promotional short film (only 2 seconds!) to advertise the motion picture efforts of Thomas Edison. 

This book is sure to incite a smile. The timeless fun of flipbooks can be enjoyed at any age and in any place! Use this book to strike up a conversation about the history of animation or, Thomas Edison or the physiology behind a sneeze or to simply impress a Francophile! This pocket-sized treasure will add joy to your coffee table, car or bookshelf. It makes the perfect gift for your film buff friend or weird neighbor!

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