The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Pop-Up

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Stumble into the Land of Oz with Dorothy in this classic story by L. Frank Baum three dimensionally illustrated by Robert Sabuda. 


The story The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was originally published over 100 years ago in 1900. Millions have read or watched as Dorothy and her small dog, Toto, are swept away by a cyclone and fall into the Land of Oz, accidentally killing a wicked witch. As Dorothy meets the Munchkins and searches for a path back home to Kansas, the wicked sister of the witch that had been killed seeks revenge on Dorothy. Luckily, she meets some great friends along the yellow brick road including a cowardly lion, a heartless tin man and a mindless scarecrow. All the friends travel to the glamorous Emerald City, where they ask the "great and powerful Oz" to grant them the thing they desire most. True to any classic American tale, they find that achieving your dreams requires a little faith, a little luck, a little magic and a lot of support and hard work. 


 Robert Sabuda has done it again, masterfully designing pop-out images to bring the story to life. Swirl into the cyclone that picks up Dorothy on page one, then travel into the Emerald City, with towering jewel-toned buildings and a pair of emerald-hued glasses to peek through. Color is key in this magical land, and Sabuda delivers. Be prepared to gasp with delight as the final page brings the characters to a celebration, including a turning sparkly ferris wheel that stands high off the page. 

Sabuda's expertise in paper engineering began when he was a child and grew into adulthood with him. His books are designed to delight adults and kids alike.


Dorothy knew that she wanted nothing more than time with her family. Since we can't give you magic slippers, we offer you this enchanting book to bring the family together again!

One from our best-selling collection of pop-ups, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is sure to create lifelong memories as you delight with your child or inner child. Relish in screen-free time to return to the classic stories of childhood. This book is sure to bring together people of all ages, creating a new family tradition and keepsake. 

Each of the 14 pages of this book contains 3D art with impeccable detail and exciting color, alongside tabbed mini-pages of narrative. Be on the lookout for extra surprises throughout the book!

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Book size 10.4"x8.25"x2.5"

ISBN 978-0-689-81751-9