Square Desk Calendar Cavallini & Co.

  • $12.95

Practical and delightful mini displays of art for any small space! Dress up your desk or bedside table with nostalgic pieces from the Cavallini archives, and keep track of your 2018. 

These fine collections of vintage art and design are printed on Italian paper, adding to a vintage feel and making them perfect for framing or collecting the images for years to come! 


These petite, free standing 6.5"x6.5" calendars come in the following collections:

National Parks- A tribute to the natural beauty of the United States, this calendar displays vintage images of twelve U.S. National Parks. Transport yourself from the Grand Canyon to the Rocky Mountains, sure to inspire some cross country travel! 

Vintage Cats- A dazzling collection of one of man's favorite furry friends, this delightful series of kittens playing musical instruments, riding bikes or swatting yarn balls is a joy to behold. The vintage images remind us that cats have long been beloved, and continue to bring smiles to the world everyday. 

Japanese Woodblocks- Breathtaking landscapes and rural scenes are on display in this collection of masterful woodblock prints. In vivid color, artist Kawase Hasui brought back this traditional form of art. Enjoy this series of captivating images all through the year. 

Celestial- Uncover a nostalgic 19th century image of the sun, the moon and the stars each month. These sketches of early understanding of our universe can put your busy schedule into perspective any day! 


Product Size: 6.5"x6.5"

Square, free-standing 12 month calendar

Top spiral bound

Printed on Cavallini's signature Italian paper

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