Rubber Stamps Cavallini & Co.

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Add a special touch to gift wrap, cards and crafts with Cavallini's unique vintage stamp sets! These stamps bring back a time when mass print required stamping each letter and waiting for the ink to dry. 


Vintage ABC Uppercase- Don't be shy when you have something to say! Put it in all CAPS to make your statement. Set includes every letter of the English alphabet, as well as !, &, * and ? symbols. Includes 30 stamps.

Vintage ABC Lowercase- The same set as Vintage ABC Uppercase, but more understated! A perfect pairing with the uppercase set, use each letter of the alphabet to spell our your personalized message. Includes 30 stamps.

Curiosities- A charming collection of odds and ends from the Cavallini archives, this set includes a key, binoculars, the 6 of clubs, a hot air balloon and more! Check out this set to get a feel for what Cavallini & Co. is all about. Includes 12 assorted stamps.

Vintage Letterpress- A set of vintage icons from classic hearts to ornate glider planes. These stamps allow you to add a personal touch to any craft or card, with enough variety to fit any project. Includes 20 assorted stamps. 


Each stamp set comes in a collectible 4.75"x3.5" tin container. 

Actual stamps vary in size by collection. 


Cavallini & Co. was founded over 25 years ago. The company prides itself in providing the world with vintage ephemera and iconic images from founder Brad Parberry's worldwide collection. They offer an assortment of breathtaking paper products and home goods. Browse our entire collection at True Lily!

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Ink not included.