Pencil Set Cavallini & Co.

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Everybody makes mistakes- that's why we do math in pencil! Don't make the mistake of not being prepared with a beautiful, vintage pencil next time you need one. Cavallini & Co. makes it easy by printing their unique and timeless designs onto pencil sets that include the sharpener and tin carrier, so you're always ready! 


The pencils sets come in five exciting designs:

Anatomy- Detailed old charts of the human skeleton, muscles and skull. Perfect to match your skull pocket notebook!

Celestial- Your guide to the stars! Beautiful linear maps of the night sky and mathematical diagrams of solar eclipses. Pair these with your Celestial weekly planner.

Vintage Bicycles- Everyone knows a good old fashioned bike! These pencils feature both single and tandem vintage styles including old advertisements with must-see vintage pricing!

Vintage Maps- Explore the world with these old-fashioned designs of the earth. These pencils will match beautifully with other pieces in the vintage map collection- including planners, notebooks and stickers!

Vintage Office- Bring charm to your own office with these classic images of typewriters, analogue clocks and rotary phones. The perfect mix of business and pleasure!


Founded over 25 years ago in San Francisco, California, Cavallini & Co. sells through retailers an extensive collection of unique paper products! Originally inspired by the arts and culture of Italy, founder Brad Perberry shares his collection of classic and rare images with the world in these everyday useful items. 

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Each set contains-

10 Pencils (5 each of two designs)


Tin Case

Dimensions 8.75"x2"x0.75"

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