Vintage Stickers 4 Styles Cavallini & Co.

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You've earned yourself a sticker! Enjoy these grown-up versions of childhood favorites to stick in scrapbooks, cards or on grade A papers!

Choose from three unique design themes:

Vintage Maps- A classic Cavallini & Co. design, these stickers boast worldwide appeal. 

Ephemera- This word is defined as "items of collectible memorabilia." Set includes images of beautiful old fashioned stamps, postage and seals from Europe. 

Animals- Filled with detailed, realistic images of creatures from all over the planet. Everyone has a favorite animal- and you're sure to find yours in this extensive collection. Set includes roosters, sheep, giraffes, tigers, camels and much more! 

Cats & Dogs- Adorable vintage images of the most popular furry friends! Featuring the vintage cuties in old fashioned attire and artistic style. 


when a sticker was enough incentive to sit through the dentist appointment or memorize your spelling vocabulary list? The nostalgic charm of a simple reward is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. These stickers are perfect for lovers of vintage style, animals or travel. Place them on gifts or decor for a unique finishing touch. 


Founder Brad Parberry shares with customers his tremendous collection of vintage art and images from his travels in Italy and throughout Europe. The company established itself in San Francisco, California in 1989, and has become a one-of-a-kind staple for beautiful paper products and home goods for over 25 years! Cavallini & Co. is appropriately names after Parberry's grandmother, as it brings the joyful memories of the past to all who collect and experience their products. 


Each set includes 24 sheets of over 100 assorted stickers in a beautiful collectible tin. 

Printed on Italian label stock


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