Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Pop-Up Book

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What better way to experience Wonderland than to bring it into our world's dimensions? A lively twist on Lewis Carroll's classic tale of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was expertly designed by paper engineering genius Robert Sabuda. This interactive book will bring the story of Alice into the third dimension of our world! 


Most people have read, heard or seen the mystical scenes of Wonderland! From the time of the original story's publishing in 1865, many have recreated or been inspired by Carroll's creation Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. This whimsical tale takes you with a young girl, Alice, down a rabbit hole into a world that expands the limits of her imagination. Alice learns some interesting lessons as she crosses paths with a hurried Rabbit, a smoking Caterpillar, a mean Queen of Hearts and a Mad Hatter tea party host. This pop-up version of the tale stays true to Carroll's original story, with all it's odds and ends that have raised the brows of readers for over a hundred years.


Page one opens you into a lush world of green grass and forest, with trees that stand a foot off the page. Pull out flaps reveal text narrative and a fun accordion-style representation of Alice's fall. At the same time, a woman sits upright with a book, while a rabbit runs and Alice chases after him.

Open to the middle page to find the Mad Hatter, Alice and March Hare gathered around a tea party. Silver tea cups reach for the sky as ornate chairs keep the attendees upright at the table with you. 

Sabuda is a paper engineer who creates masterful children's pop-ups. He has adored pop-up books ever since they got him through a terrifying trip to the dentist. He formally studied art at Pratt Institute before diving into his career designing these books. According to his site, Sabuda feels that the delicate artistry of his books teaches children to "respect a book and not treat it like a toy." 


That is not to say that these books aren't great fun! Alice's Adventures in Wonderland pop-up is a treat and a treasure for adults and children alike. Use this piece of art to share screen-free time with your child or with your inner child. Hidden in every page are pockets to flip, peel and pop!

This book is an instant keepsake! Cherish the memories made as you journey through Wonderland with those you love, and awaken the imagination of all. 

Spend time with the family, harnessing an appreciation for reading, learning and imagination. Bring together grandparents, grandchildren, aunts ,uncles, neighbors, friends and anyone else who stops by to remember the wonder of childhood.

Experience this story through 12 pages of exceptional 3D illustration, including pull out tabs on each page to narrate the story.

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Book size 8"x10"x2". 

ISBN 9780689847431