Beauty and the Beast Pop-Up Book

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Watch true love unfold, as you turn the pages of this classic fairy tale illustrated in three dimensions. Robert Sabuda delights his audiences with expertly engineered pop-up works of art, that fold neatly back down for storage and surprise! 


Beauty and the Beast is the famous tale of a beautiful, free spirited young woman, determined to break free of stifling societal limits placed on her. A young heroine to many children, the Beauty ventures to save her father, then stumbles into an enchanted castle where a hideous Beast resides. Together, they free each other from the confines of judgement, and learn that to be a beast is a reflection of what is inside, rather than what shows outwardly.


From paper artist Robert Sabuda, Beauty and the Beast leaps off the page into our world. Open up to the grand castle as it towers nearly a foot off the page!  His intricate details put the reader inside the castle and the mob of angry villagers.

Turn a few more pages to join the Beauty and Beast sitting down to their first dinner together, where she is famously invited to be a guest of the castle.

Allow the wonderful color and detail to pull you and your family into this fairy tale land of adventure. Pull the tabs of page one to dive into accordion-style peeks into the palace, but be prepared for the terrifying beast to leap off the next page! Wild hair, large teeth and a snarling nose introduce the reader to the beast while multiple layers of folding give a startling depth to his mouth.

Sabuda has used his talents to create many other wonderful works including Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and The Dragon and the Knight. He grew up in a love affair with art and books, and took inspiration from time spent with his own family to craft his art into the pieces we see today. 


Bring home this pop-up to share quality time with family and friends. Enjoy time with your child or your inner child to create lasting memories. These books are as fun as toys and as ornate as fine art. Delightful for adults and children alike.

The captivating art and nostalgic story will pull everyone away from their screens and electronics- naturally inspiring family time and keeping everyone mindful and together.

A part of our best-selling Pop-up collection from Robert Sabuda, Beauty and the Beast, will be a favorite addition to anybody's bookshelf or coffee table. Dive into the 10 pages of pulls, pops and play for the experience of a lifetime. This book is sure to become a keepsake.

Book size 10.4"x8.25"x2.5"

 ISBN 9781416960799