Peter Pan Pop-Up

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Fly away to Neverland in this story adaptation of J.M. Barrie's original, Peter Pan. Robert Sabuda's carefully crafted pop-up details make this book an instant collectible! 


The tale of Peter Pan first captivated audiences over a hundred years ago, and is now back in this amazing three dimensional retelling of the enchanting story. Peter temporarily leaves his forever-young island to bring along Wendy, John and Michael and offer them the chance to never grow up. They meet the mystical Tinkerbell and fly across worlds with Peter to encounter his lost boy friends, flirtatious mermaids and dreadful pirates. The kids learn an important lesson about the joy and pitfalls of choosing to never grow up, but in the meantime create forever friends in the island of Neverland. 


Page one takes the reader up, up and away as puffy, dark clouds rise above an unfolding city sky view from above. Look down on buildings and bridges while you float alongside Peter and catch subtle glimpses of what's to come within the surrounding clouds. 

Then, enter the Lost Boys' hideaway to find boys climbing, Peter landing from flight, and dangling socks across a clothes line. Or, jump on board a pirate ship as the sails tower to catch the wind. 

The mastermind behind the design, Robert Sabuda has always been an artist. Drawing and creating pop-ups from an early age, he developed the creativity and passion that keep his work forever young. He fine-tuned his work at Pratt Institute and began illustrating children's books with his masterful pop-up designs. 


Remember story time with your parents or grandparents? Share these classic tales with your family and friends. Pull yourself and the kids away from screens to create lifelong memories where imagination can run wild. This classic story is sure to please the young and the young-at-heart. Keep the traditional stories alive, while creating family traditions of your own, sure to result in memories made for years to come.

A part of our best-selling collection of Pop-Up books, Peter Pan is sure to become a treasured keepsake. Each of the 12 pages includes a detailed work of art, tabbed narrative mini-pages and a chance to lose yourself in Neverland. 

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Book size 10.4"x8.25"x2.5".  

ISBN 9780689853647